Retail Security Exeter

Shopping spaces are consistently exposed to business threats including loss prevention and anti-social behaviour, so the importance of securing your retail premises is extremely important. At Platinum Gate Security, our professional Devon security officers are dedicated to protecting your premises with our range of experienced security services.

We are fully trained to manage risk, guard stock and internal processes; all working towards maximum security for the premises, staff and visitors. To ensure the success of the company, it must be safeguarded from any potential jeopardies, and our Exeter security guards are trained to provide comprehensive, in-store protection. We monitor and analyse your goals and help to maintain and increase your profit.

Depending on your preferences, we can blend into an environment or dress in uniform to make our presence known, our main objective is to enhance protection and security. With our professional, quick-thinking processes, we can efficiently discourage thieves from your retail store.

Understanding that forming the right impression of your store is absolutely key, we offer a range of security solutions for a broad scale of retailers, whether you’re a supermarket chain or a singular shopping point. Our officers work with you, to define your unique business goals and work to deter losses and any threats posed to your store.

Throughout the UK, theft and vandalism in and out of retail stores is becoming more aggressive, our proactive security officers act as a visual deterrent and are fully trained to perform personal searches, as well as being first aid qualified. Our list of retail security services include the following:

Safeguard your storefront

If you’re a business retail store owner within Exeter, Devon & Taunton, we are a local, highly valued security business with flexible contract options. Please contact us today to discuss your particular requirements.