What Are the Benefits Of Hiring Our Security Services Exeter?

15th December 2020

If you’re the owner of a shop, club or property, if you’re hosting an event or concert or you’d like to ensure the general security of your assets, our Exeter security guards & services are the thing for you. Hiring professional, experienced security officers to secure and protect people, as well as your property and assets, is a smart and sensible move for many reasons. Aside from the guaranteed security and protection, the key benefit of hiring our Exeter security staff is the knowledge that things will run smoothly and that your assets, property and guests will remain safe. In this article, we look at our security services in more detail and discuss the benefits of hiring us.

Our Security Services In Exeter, Devon

Before choosing to hire our professional services, we thought it best to first detail each benefit of our security services below to help you make an informed decision.

Event Security

Whilst not as prevalent during the Covid-19 pandemic, if you find yourself planning an event for the upcoming months and years, our event security is here to ensure the protection and control you need to guarantee safety and event success. With Covid-19 restrictions now reducing, it’s not a question of why you need security services for your next event, but when.

Event security Exeter

Door Supervision

Door supervision services allow you to make an excellent impression with guests and customers and to ensure everyone’s safety. Whether you’re looking to improve customer service, regulate numbers of guests or customers, run searches upon entry or generally improve the safety of the environment, be sure to implement security guards on your shop front, at your club or for your event with Platinum Gate Security.

Retail Security

If you’re looking for more specific and involved security for your shop, our retail security is the thing for you. We can provide security guards to act as a visual deterrent from theft, regulate customer numbers, to monitor CCTV and to patrol your premises. These services can extend to plain-clothed store detective work, first aid support and door supervision. With continued restrictions on the number of customers in store during the pandemic, these officers are a popular service amongst our clients.

CCTV services Exeter

Static Guarding

Our static guard services are ideal for ensuring the safety and security of your business, employees and visitors. The regular sight of uniformed security guards on your premises will help staff and guests feel instantly at ease whilst acting as a visual deterrent for intruders.

Radio Telephony

Ensure clear and effective communication with our radio telephony service. Without professional training, communication over radio devices can get confusing, which can be dangerous in many environments. Avoid this by hiring our experienced professionals.

Construction Security

The importance of construction site security cannot be overstated. If you have a construction site and want to ensure the protection of the property and building materials, our construction security services are the thing for you. Due to the unique nature of all building sites, we tailor our services to provide bespoke security solutions for each and every one of our clients.

Exeter construction site security

Gatehouse Security

For large scale businesses, gatehouse security is hugely effective. Make a lasting impression on your customers and visitors as they arrive on your premises with professional and experienced security officers.

Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response

Depending on your requirements and our bespoke security solutions, we can provide mobile patrol and alarm response services for your premises. Whether you need night security for periodic checks or assigned security guards to respond to alarm triggers, our team is here to help.

Asset Protection

Our asset protection services are very popular amongst our prestigious client base. Whatever it is that you are looking for security for, our experienced staff are on-hand to ensure protection and safety from theft and vandalism.

Padlock security services Exeter

The Benefits of Hiring Our Exeter Security

As mentioned earlier in this article, there are many benefits to hiring our professional security services, including:

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