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How Retail Security Stops Shoplifters


Shoplifters cost UK retailers £12m a day. This can be particularly damaging for small and medium business who do not have the appropriate security measures in place. The harsh realities of theft, robbery and break-ins in shops have led more and more businesses to hire retail security personnel.

If you are worried about the safety of your store, it might be a good idea to hire a retail security guard who can record and monitor all activity. Potential shoplifters will be deterred by the presence of a security guard in fear of being caught. There are many reasons why hiring retail security for your business in a good idea, and Platinum Gate Security has highlighted some of these below.

how retail security stops shoplifters

Peace of mind

Hiring a retail security guard will give you complete peace of mind as a business owner, customer or employee. Not only will employees feel safer when they come to work, but customers will see how much you care about their wellbeing. This could be quite important when working with particularly high-end products or in a high-crime area.

Prevent and protect

Retail security personnel can deter opportunist thieves and shoplifters. Simply having a security guard can make thieves think twice about breaking into your store. A security guard is also a much better visual deterrent than a surveillance camera or security system.

Customer service

Customers are likely to feel a lot happier about being in your store if they are safe in the knowledge that there is a security guard about. Guards can also help direct people to certain parts of the store and escort customers to their cars after dark, for example.

Dealing with crime

Retail security guards can act as a go between for customers and employees and the police. Professionals will have received extensive training in how to deal with certain situations – eg. speaking to the police or taking down details. Trained retail security guards will also be able to handle any criminal activity sensibly and respectfully.

shoplifting retail security

Security checks

Not all security guards will spend their time patrolling a shop or standing outside a store to be on the lookout. Some will also conduct video surveillance monitoring, check for contraband or protect areas with restricted access.

By taking the necessary steps to prevent stealing your products, you will be showing employees and customers that your store does not condone theft of any sort. At Platinum Gate Security, we work with some of the most highly trained specialist security personnel in the UK. Our guards are capable of watching over your premises and are dependable in times of need.