Security Guards In Exeter

We protect people and properties in the South West. Platinum Gate Security offer prompt security solutions to the South West. Our licensed Exeter security guards serve Devon, Taunton & the South West to protect the area with efficiency, trust and safety. As specialists in manned guarding, we’re committed and fully trained to do the following:

Our security guards are qualified to take care of your security requirements, whether you have a retail outlet or hospital that has incidents of violence towards staff or trespassing issues, we control the wellbeing of your premises and the people in it by using technology to communicate.

The guards that we provide are licensed professionals that are there for the times that you can’t be fully vigilant. Our experienced security guards ensure that your premises are never unoccupied and that disruption is always kept to a minimum. Our aim is to reduce crime, increase protection and deliver a quality experience for your requirements at Platinum Gate Security. Your staff and customers deserve a safe environment, and we’re here to ensure that’s what they get.

Platinum Gate security guards manage exit and entrance points and are fully trained to assess your environment to figure out what is needed and will provide you with an efficient and thorough security solution.

We are proficient in a wide range of services including the protection of retail stores, large events, door protection and much more. Security guards Exeter with Platinum Gate Security are able to undertake risk assessment analysis to identify your specific requirements.

Efficient Safety Solutions For Your Premises

Hire security guards and officers that add value to your service. Exeter Security guards at Platinum Gate Security never compromise on quality of service and are always on hand to attend and protect the premises while welcoming staff, visitors and dealing with emergencies in a calm and collective manner.

We aim to provide a bespoke and tailored service to each individual client to ensure that we are adding the utmost value to each job. Our hardworking and respected exeter security guards service businesses and individuals by ensuring safety and installing peace of mind to the community. We’ve got the right security guards for particular assignments and give maximum leverage to your budget. If you’re interested in working with a team of reliable, professionals to protect your business or event, contact us today.