Fire Wardens

Legally, there should be a fire warden assigned to every company to ensure safety of employees. If you haven’t yet assigned an individual as a fire warden, or would like to learn more about our Exeter fire warden services, Platinum Gate Security are on hand to provide the help you need.

Proactive Devon Fire Wardens

Even if the risk of fire is small, there should still be a rehearsed fire drill for all employees. That’s where Platinum Gate Security comes in. Our trained fire wardens provide safety throughout different sized buildings, even when fire is out of sight. Our weekly duties include and are not limited to:

Fire Warden Services Exeter

We serve a number of companies across Exeter, Devon and the south west and have a high reputation as professional door supervisors and match day event security. Our testimonials from past clients speak for themselves. If you would like more information about our Exeter fire warden services or to book a consultation with our professional team, contact Platinum Gate Security who will be happy to help.