About Us

Platinum Gate Security is a full-service security company in Exeter, Taunton & Devon offering safety and security. We act as a service to deter crime and unwanted activity to your business, event, shop or property. Working well in tough situations, our staff are fully trained, skilled security guards aiming to provide the best safety service to the South West.

Leading Security Devon Services

At Platinum Gate Security, we work in a professional manner and use our expertise to ensure that you’ll have confidence in the safety that we provide.
We are licensed, qualified security professionals and hold extensive knowledge and experience within the industry. We select only the finest guards and ensure that the right people are sent out for the job depending on the specific requirements.

As friendly, trained communicators, we understand how to diffuse a situation verbally and work to eliminate the possibility of any crime or unnecessary activity taking place.

We strive to deliver quality, trusted services at competitive rates, to set high standards and to support each environment we work with by providing ultimate safety.

Our goal is to keep the public in order by protecting the people and assets of your business or event. Whether you have worries about crowd safety or you’d simply like to protect your business from potential theft, we are a conscientious team and are trained to react quickly in difficult situations.