The Importance of Construction Site Security: Advice From Leading Exeter Security Company

18th January 2021 Security Tips

Construction projects can take on many different forms, varying in size and complexity. Regardless of this, there is a risk of danger on any construction site which is why every care must be taken to ensure the safety of all people involved in the project. The smallest error can risk people’s health and safety, as well as possibly derailing the build. In order to prevent such scenarios, the addition of construction site security is the ideal solution as they can both stabilise projects and put everyone’s minds at ease. In this article, we will be looking at the importance of construction security, including the various benefits of hiring a professional team and how Platinum Gate Security can help. Interested? Keep reading to learn more.

The Benefits of Construction Security Exeter

As mentioned above, there are many benefits to hiring construction site security on projects of all sizes. Here are our top ones:

Reduce Risk of Injury on Site

In construction, risk of injury is always a possibility due to the regular use of heavy machinery, electric tools and the various building materials. Oftentimes, construction work must be carried out from a height or tight space, which can also contribute to the risk of injury. Given the unpredictable nature of construction sites and the uniqueness of each project, risk assessments will vary from site to site. The one thing guaranteed to reduce this risk every time, however, is the addition of construction site security. With trained staff on site, you can be confident that all health and safety measures are adhered to, as well as:

By dealing with deliveries and visitors at the first port of call, our security team can reduce the amount of people on-site, therefore, reducing the risk of injury.

construction workers on site

Ensure Covid-19 Measures Adhered To

As well as reducing the risk of injury, health and safety measures are also put in place for a number of other circumstances, some of which are unique to specific projects and others are more general, such as Covid-19. If you are required to adhere to additional health and safety measures as a result of Covid-19 regulations or any other circumstance, this is also something that Platinum Gate Security’s team of professionals can deal with.

Prevent Trespassers

Trespassers can disrupt projects on all scales. With trained security on your construction site, you can be sure to deter and prevent this risk. In doing so you will:

Prevent Theft of Expensive Equipment

On any construction site, specialist equipment of some kind will always be required and in most cases, it will be needed for multiple days, if not from start to finish. To save the hassle of moving it to a secure, off-site location each day, your construction site security team will ensure its safety at all times.

Protection From Vandalism

Another risk associated with trespassing is vandalism. In preventing unwanted visitors, you can reduce the risk of vandalism or damage to the property on-site.

Construction Project Stability

In general, the addition of our professional Exeter construction security will provide project stability across a number of areas. This will allow the construction workers, site managers and site owners to relax, safe in the knowledge that everything will run smoothly and safely.

man in high vis directing construction

Platinum Gate’s Exeter Construction Security Services

Platinum Gate Security’s team of professional security guards in Exeter provide an exceptional level of security for each and every project they work on. For construction security, our team are leaders in their field, and all our security officers are CSCS accredited and asbestos aware. We are approved contractors for several building companies across the South West, and we pride ourselves on adapting our services to each construction site individually.

Enquire Today With Platinum Gate Security

Construction security is just one of the professional security services we offer here at Platinum Gate Security, alongside event security, retail security and asset protection. As with all our Exeter security guards, each and every one of our construction security team are trained to the highest standard, delivering first-class skill, whilst remaining professional and discreet at all times.

To learn more about our construction security Exeter, or any of our other services, please contact us today. Our team of professionals is on-hand to discuss your unique security requirements to provide you with a bespoke service. Get in touch with us today by calling 01392 925085.

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