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7 Security Tips For Businesses


Did you know that 9 million crimes are committed against commercial businesses annually? It takes time, money and immense effort to start your own business, and now you’re off to the best start, you should not leave your company’s safety to chance. It is vital that corporations of all sizes protect themselves and their employees by securing information, whether that’s online or offline. If your business was to become a target, the following guide will ensure that you’re securing your business in the right way.

Computer Security Tips

It’s likely that your premises contains a range of valuable items, from cash, to legal documents to computers and phones. Protecting the contents of your building from theft through protecting your assets is an effective way to highlight security. If you want to improve your security, any weak points must be identified so that you can work with specific areas. It may be that your computer requires updated firewall, or you need to hire security guards. These 6 steps are the best ways to start off your business security.

1. Make it difficult for a criminal to take advantage

For most businesses, breaking and entering is a serious concern. Whether it’s stolen stock, personal belongings or office equipment. There are a number of things you can do to maximise the security of the premises. Start by having window locks fitted and ensure that you’re aware of who has access to the business. Certain companies don’t open their doors to clients, if this is the case, it may be worth considering key fobs for staff, so you are sure that only authorised persons can enter. If locks are not to a British standard, you could be putting your premises at high risk.

2. Install CCTV and security lighting

Criminals do not want to be seen or heard. CCTV encourages crime protection AND reduction, professional surveillance should not be underestimated and it is vital to know where these cameras should be placed for optimum visibility. Lighting is also an important factor. Inside and outside lights should light your entire perimeter so that potential thieves know that they’re being watched.

CCTV for businesses

3. Use a monitored alarm system

Enhancing security requires more than just tough locks. Monitored alarms will drive away intruders while alerting your staff and the police of any break-in persistence. As well as making theft difficult, you must try to make it impossible for a criminal, if they know that the police or company owner is alerted, they’ll be further encouraged to leave the scene without having time to break in.

4. Protect equipment and documents

Losing confidential documents could be catastrophic for your business. To avoid losing important assets, you must make sure that computer servers are secure and documents are stored safely and copied virtually. By tracking your company equipment with GPS systems, you’ll be able to view the location of your laptop, phone or PC should it ever be taken.

  • Keep all company computers updated with the latest firewall
  • Lock physical sensitive data in drawers or cabinets
  • Use paper shredders to dispose of old documents that contain sensitive information.

Business Laptop Security

5. Know your staff and visitors

External criminals are one factor to consider, but it’s also vital to remember who you’re bringing in to work for you. By keeping track and knowing all staff and visitors, you’re minimising the risk of authorising those you don’t trust. To really keep on the safe side, perform background checks to prevent employee theft or misconduct.

6. Undertake regular building checks

By regularly monitoring CCTV, conferring with other local businesses and keeping up with the news and crime rates in your area, you can better prepare yourself for potential crimes taking place. For example, you may watch footage and see an apparently devious group hanging around your premises at night, meaning that you’d be one step ahead of them if anything was to happen. Remember to check locks regularly and change passwords and combination access if a member of staff is released from your employment.

7. Secure your premises with guards

Security Guards For Business

Whether you’re a retail store, a club or a construction site, there’s not one singular way to deter thieves. However, if the right precautions are taken, you’ll sleep soundly knowing that you did all you could to prevent a burglary of your property. Protect guests at your property and events by hiring our skilled security guards. We are qualified and experienced in restraining opportunistic thieves and people looking for trouble. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Business security is also useful if any internal crimes were to take place on your premises. Including sexual harassment between employees. As a business owner, you should keep yourself in the know, and by doing this you are firmly living by the rule that it’s better to be safe than sorry.