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Crowd Unrest Leading to Heightened Security in Sport

10th June 2019     Security Tips

Incidents at different professional sporting events in recent months, has outlined a need for security improvements from certain quarters.   It is evident that professional sporting figures and fans have become vulnerable to a list of dangers during events, as a result of a perpetual upsurge in stakes and emotion levels across sports. Some clubs […]

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How to Operate a Construction Site Within Government Regulations

13th March 2018     Security Tips

Construction sites are very delicate security wise – there’s a lot of potentially hazardous situations. Due to this, you need to take abide by government laws to a meticulous extent when managing them. If you don’t, not only will it be remiss, it will be unlawful. This protection includes notions such as: scrutiny with who’s […]

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How Retail Security Stops Shoplifters

5th April 2017     Security Tips

Shoplifters cost UK retailers £12m a day. This can be particularly damaging for small and medium business who do not have the appropriate security measures in place. The harsh realities of theft, robbery and break-ins in shops have led more and more businesses to hire retail security personnel. If you are worried about the safety […]

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How To Become A Security Guard

26th July 2016     Security Tips

If you’re reading this, you must be interested in a career as a professional security guard and there are many perks to the job role. In this article, you will learn exactly what the guarding officer role includes and how to go about applying for a job within the security industry. Being interested in a […]

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7 Security Tips For Businesses

27th June 2016     Security Tips

Did you know that 9 million crimes are committed against commercial businesses annually? It takes time, money and immense effort to start your own business, and now you’re off to the best start, you should not leave your company’s safety to chance. It is vital that corporations of all sizes protect themselves and their employees […]

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